A full one-stop display solutions

Display as a bridge between human and machine interaction,it widely used in all walks of life,in order to meet the needs of different commercial customers, we are dedicated to customers one-stop LCD solutions.

Base on Magedok over 10 years of development Experience and electronic industry advantage of China's pearl river delta,numerous in-house projects and custom client projects, as well as many hard-earned lessons, Magedok Team have accumulated extensive experience and know-how in Display . This wealth of experience directly benefits our clients' projects, helping them avoid common pitfalls and streamline their path to success.


So far,we have achieved commendable success in various customized industries, including but not limited to medical, retail, education, gaming, intelligent transport,Iot and healthcare,robotics smart home and industrial domains,Biological Instrumentation.By Choosing to work with Magedok's design services, customers can enjoy cost-effective and rapid realization of product mass production with quality assurance.   

Cooperation Model

Brand Design

We have a deep understanding of the importance of building a brand. Our brand services can not only help improve the out-of-the-box experience you provide to your customers but also allow you to add your brand colors, logo, product name, and customized inserts to your existing product packaging, enabling personalization.

Custom Exteriors

Based on the existing features, we can customize the product's appearance, structure, manufacturing materials, colors, waterproof and dustproof ratings, as well as assembly methods according to customer requirements.




Custom LCD Screen  

We can provide customization for requirements such as high brightness for outdoor visibility, color gamut, display size, operating temperature, and viewing angles.





Custom LCD Screen Driver Solutions

We support signal customization for driver boards, including EPD, LVDS, MIPI, RGB, and other signal source driver boards. We can customize the board layout size and develop functional software and hardware design for driver boards according to specific requirements. 
We also offer customization for video interfaces such as HDMI, USB-C, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA. Additionally, we provide capabilities for wireless functionality, rotation, and the development of additional features like rechargeable batteries.

Custom Touch Screen  

We support customization of capacitive and resistive touch screens. We can also select touch controllers based on customer needs. Our customization options include support for pressure-sensitive stylus pens, surface treatments such as AG (Anti-Glare) and AF (Anti-Fingerprint), touch screen hardness, and explosion-proof requirements. We provide optical bonding process customization as well.





We also provide regulatory testing services, including EMC testing and safety testing. For example: FCC (United States), ISED (Canada), CE (Europe: EMC Directive, Radio Equipment Directive), PSE (Japan), KC (South Korea), RCM (Australia/New Zealand).

We have experienced EMI professionals and engineers who can help quickly resolve complex issues and provide fast production manufacturing/rework solutions to ensure quick, efficient, and cost-effective test compliance.


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